AU Application Instructions

  • User Name is your ADP company code plus your ADP employee account number (with no space in between).
  • Codes are found on your pay stub in the upper left corner directly above the return address. The three-letter company code is under "CO".The employee number is under "File" - use all numbers including the zeros.
  • All versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x and below are supported. Set your browser to allow pop-ups.
  • For IE 8.x users, please have the Service desk download the Learn2Player. IE 8.x will not work properly without the Learn2Player downloaded.
  • Taleo does not support IE 9.x at this time. Please use IE 8.x with the Learn2Player installed, or use IE 7.x and lower.
For any other problems go to the Associa Intranet and submit a request for help through the Service Desk.

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